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Univ ERP - Empowering Business Process Management

Univ ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is an integrated software application designed and developed to manage all facets of the business process. The Univ ERP software facilitates enhanced data accessibility, usability and synchronization thereby standardizes, streamlines, and automates the business processes at organizations worldwide.
The integrated Univ EPR software application comprises of various modules, such as finance, human capital management (HCM), purchasing/procurement, business intelligence and customer relationship management (CRM), customized and deployed according to specific requirements of each company. Univ ERP encourages seamless and real-time collaboration across all departments of operation in an enterprise. An ERP system is essential for managing businesses of all sizes and in all industries. Univ ERP is a cloud-based and cost-optimized, solution with an option for flexible payments and the benefits are always higher than investment. We ensure 100% data security with a no leak guarantee.
Depending on your nature of business, production, requirement and more, we decide upon the scope of ERP and plan your ERP software development accordingly. Our team of highly experienced and trained professionals ensures customized solutions within minimum turnaround time. You can opt for modules which best serve your purposes and pay only for the modules you avail. You need not purchase or make a payment for the all the modules.
In today’s corporate world, ERP systems have laid a power-packed impact. Univ ERP is not just for enterprises but even small-and-medium-sized companies require an ERP solution. Get in touch with us for your customized quotation.

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